Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hooded Towels Anyone?

      Hello friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Are you stuffed?  We had a nice day today.  Even though hubby had to work, we were able to enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner with our church family.  I'm writing this post while I wait for him to come home from a looong day :(
      Today I wanted to talk to you about the very first sale I made with my handmade business:  Hooded Towels.  When Lucas was about 7 months old or so he began to outgrow his baby hooded towels.  They were so cute but they wouldn't dry him completely or allow me to cover him up in a bundle like I used to do when he was an itty bitty (they look so cute when they're all bundled up right after a bath...:sigh: they grow up so fast!).  I tried shopping for a hooded towel but all I could find were the baby ones or others that were wider but would only reach down to his knees.  I was gifted my sewing machine and I decided one of the very first things I wanted to make was a hooded towel for my little man.  I found great tutorials online and I got started!  

Here he is the first time we used it!

      I was so excited to show everyone my sewing project so I shared it with my Facebook friends!  I got great feedback and was antsy to make some to sell.  A sweet friend of mine contacted me for my very first order. Ever.  I was beyond thrilled!!!  She has twin boys that were outgrowing their baby towels too so I got to it!  She was so awesome about it too.  She trusted me to pick out the fabrics and colors.  She loved them!!  I was so happy I made my very first sale and I had 2 happy, dry, bundled customers!

      Since then, hooded towels have been my #1 seller.  I've made a few as baby shower gifts, some for a local school auction, and more for babies!  I now make the hoods of the towels to fit smaller babies and also toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Oh and they are personalized of course!

This was my FIRST ORDER!

And then there were more...


Ready for the auction!

Check out the detailed zig-zag stitching on this applique!

       Soooo..don't you think these would also make great Christmas gifts?  I think so! (duh, he he).  Please keep Tot Sew Shop in mind!  You won't be disappointed :).  Till next time friends!  

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