Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hooded Towels Anyone?

      Hello friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Are you stuffed?  We had a nice day today.  Even though hubby had to work, we were able to enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner with our church family.  I'm writing this post while I wait for him to come home from a looong day :(
      Today I wanted to talk to you about the very first sale I made with my handmade business:  Hooded Towels.  When Lucas was about 7 months old or so he began to outgrow his baby hooded towels.  They were so cute but they wouldn't dry him completely or allow me to cover him up in a bundle like I used to do when he was an itty bitty (they look so cute when they're all bundled up right after a bath...:sigh: they grow up so fast!).  I tried shopping for a hooded towel but all I could find were the baby ones or others that were wider but would only reach down to his knees.  I was gifted my sewing machine and I decided one of the very first things I wanted to make was a hooded towel for my little man.  I found great tutorials online and I got started!  

Here he is the first time we used it!

      I was so excited to show everyone my sewing project so I shared it with my Facebook friends!  I got great feedback and was antsy to make some to sell.  A sweet friend of mine contacted me for my very first order. Ever.  I was beyond thrilled!!!  She has twin boys that were outgrowing their baby towels too so I got to it!  She was so awesome about it too.  She trusted me to pick out the fabrics and colors.  She loved them!!  I was so happy I made my very first sale and I had 2 happy, dry, bundled customers!

      Since then, hooded towels have been my #1 seller.  I've made a few as baby shower gifts, some for a local school auction, and more for babies!  I now make the hoods of the towels to fit smaller babies and also toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Oh and they are personalized of course!

This was my FIRST ORDER!

And then there were more...


Ready for the auction!

Check out the detailed zig-zag stitching on this applique!

       Soooo..don't you think these would also make great Christmas gifts?  I think so! (duh, he he).  Please keep Tot Sew Shop in mind!  You won't be disappointed :).  Till next time friends!  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with Mini Master Yoda

      Hi!  It's been a busy couple of weeks for me..sorry for not updating the blog sooner!  We were in Orlando for a Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference (which was awesome and a blessing) and then lately I've been taking care of my sick little man.  He got the stomach flu so there was lots of sleepless nights, clean up, cuddles and comforting going on.  Thankfully he's been feeling a lot better lately!
      Yesterday we had a fun night with friends.  We went trick or treating with Lucas for the first time for Halloween.  Being the HUGE Star Wars fan that he is (and ok, maybe he has influenced me too) my hubby has inspired me to dress Lucas up in Star Wars characters.
      Last year we had a mini Darth Vader...

      This year we had a mini Yoda...

      I decided to make his costume this year (how could I not?!) and followed this tutorial as my inspiration.  I headed to our local thrift store in search of material.  For under $7 I was able to get all the materials needed to make my little Yoda!  I love it when I get a good deal!  I think it came out better than the store bought Yoda costume that's 4 times more expensive!  This is one of the reasons why I always wanted to learn to sew.  We'll be keeping this costume as a keepsake so one day it can be passed on to future children and maybe even grandchildren!  Thanks to Lucas' Grandma and Grandpa he got a light saber to match and a homemade trick or treat pumpkin bag made by Grandma.  We had a blast showing him around the neighborhood and we made some sweet memories :)

      Stay tuned for another post soon.  I've been getting a few orders for some hooded towels and I would love to share them with you!